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Production and development process

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  • Prototype Test
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About us

  • Shenzhen Forred Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Forred Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, we are a professional electronic product manufacturer at the national high-tech enterprises.Our company have more than 350 employees , 15 middle and senior management personnel , totally 56 engineering and technical personnel and quality control staff.
  • Strong Production Line

    We have advanced SMT production lines,YAMAHA YS series high precision placement machine 24 sets,Panasonice NPM D3 series placement machine 8 sets.Global series automatic plug-in machine (AI/RI)10 sets,automatic solder printer 10 sets, with the inspection machine such as SPI, AOI, X-ray. Minimum we can place 01005 components and maximum is 0.3 PITCH BGA. Currently, our monthly production capacity of SMT lines is 0.3 billion chips and AI/RI process is 80 millions chips.
  • Efficient Production Capacity

    We have 4 semi-sutomatic DIP lines and 4 final assembly lines. 4 sets wave soldering machine4, automatic welding machine 30 sets, automatic three anti-coating machine 2 sets,Automatic Screw machine 8 sets. The monthly production capacity is 300K units (according to battery management system).

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